Where can I take a break with the Turbo pass Rome ?

Wandering the busy streets of Rome and discovering its historical treasures can be an intense and rewarding experience. However, in between visiting monuments and museums, it's important to take time to relax and enjoy the local cuisine. As well as giving you access to many tourist attractions, the Turbo Pass Rome also allows you to enjoy discounts at selected restaurants.

Restaurants to suit all tastes

Whether you're a fan of traditional Roman cuisine, tasty pizzas or more refined Italian specialities, the Turbo Pass Rome, which you can discover by clicking on https://roma-pass.com/turbopass-rome-review/, offers you a wide selection of restaurants to satisfy all your culinary desires. Here are a few suggestions to help you make your choice.

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For lovers of traditional Roman cuisine

Located in the Trastevere district, Tavernaccia da Bruno offers authentic dishes prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Enjoy fresh pasta, hearty salads and tasty grilled meats.

We also have Armando al Pantheon: this renowned restaurant, located near the Pantheon, offers refined Roman cuisine in elegant surroundings. Specialities include pasta alla gricia, saltimbocca alla romana and abbacchio scottadito.

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For pizza lovers

For pizza lovers looking for a unique experience, there are places renowned for the quality of their pizzas.



Pizzeria Da Enzo al 29

Pizzeria Da Enzo al 29 is very popular. It is located in the Prati district and offers wood-fired pizzas with crispy dough and generous toppings. You can choose from a wide variety of classic and more original pizzas.

The pizza dough at Da Enzo al 29 is a real masterpiece. It's made with top-quality Italian flour and left to rise slowly, giving it a light, airy texture. The wood-fired oven gives it a perfect crispness, which contrasts deliciously with the softness of the toppings.

The legendary Gino Sorbillo pizzeria 

Originally from Naples, the Gino Sorbillo pizzeria has now opened a branch in Rome. It is renowned for its pizzas made with top-quality ingredients in the Neapolitan tradition.

At Gino Sorbillo, pizza isn't just a dish, it's a passion. The Sorbillo family pays particular attention to the selection of ingredients, all of the highest quality and sourced from the best Italian producers. The dough, made with carefully selected flour using traditional methods, is left to rise for 24 hours, giving it a light, flavoursome texture.

For lovers of improved Italian specialities

We have Il Pagliaccio: this Michelin-starred restaurant in the Parioli district offers inventive and refined Italian cuisine. Enjoy gourmet dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients and innovative culinary techniques.

La Pergola: this three-Michelin-starred restaurant on the Gianicolo hill offers an exceptional culinary experience. Here you can enjoy creative and refined dishes in a sumptuous setting.


The Turbo Pass Rome lets you discover Rome's rich gastronomy at great prices. With its selection of varied, quality restaurants, you're bound to find the perfect place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal as you explore the Eternal City.